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Fear Harness

The debut full-length
album is now available

The debut full-length album is now available!

My Earth
Black Aureate
Penrose Stairway
The Chasm of TIme
A Majestic Design
Their World

Fear Harness2021

"What is unimaginable? How is it possible to know the idea of an unimaginable thing?"

Fear Harness is an exploration of repetition, introspection, and the surreal worlds we travel to in the waning hours of unconsciousness.

  1. My Earth (04:26)
  2. Black Aureate (07:00)
  3. Scourge (05:15)
  4. Penrose Stairway (09:15)
  5. Spectres (02:46)
  6. The Chasm of Time (feat. Claire Hamard) (09:20)
  7. Pharos (08:00)
  8. A Majestic Design (11:00)
  9. Their World (feat. Claire Hamard) (06:24)
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About Phantom Heir

Phantom Heir is the musical endeavor and moniker of the art director and designer James Edward Bonilla.

His sound and style fuses contemplative and tranquil atmospheres with a visceral tenacity drawn from metal and hardcore. Together, this culminates in soundscapes guided by conceptual narratives and punctured with emotional depth.

A multi-instrumentalist and fledgling producer, Phantom Heir is currently based in Oakland, CA and always seeking new collaborators.

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